Being a casual user on the internet, I am dead sure about the fact that, we all, at some point, have faced ONE internet issue for sure!

Which issue?

Let me ask you. When was the last time you saw some sentences hovering around your desktop/laptop/mobile screen saying — “Server…

If you are a regular visitor on the internet, browsing through different websites might have made you come across the term “Cookies”, right? There you are asked to click onto some buttons saying — ‘Accept Cookies’ or ‘Manage Cookies’ or sometimes ‘Ok, Got it!’.

Well, it’s not the Cookies we…

Wait! What are these? Are they even different?

Most of us being casual users around the internet, are just concerned about googling our stuff, and get over with our work. We are least bothered about the URL we see at the top of any web page we open, aren’t we?

Do you know about Personal Home Page? Yes, it might be your own personal website but, wait! Here we are not going to learn about how to make one but, surely will look into the term Personal Home Page.

Well, by now you have got a glimpse about what it…

“Hey, if you are a fresher, there is no need to learn Java. It is outdated!”

“If you want to learn an Object-Oriented Programming Language, instead of Java, go for Python!”

“Java is an old language, why to learn an old language?!”

The above-mentioned myths are remarked for Java when…

The most basic and frequently asked question on Object Oriented Programming Paradigm in any interview. If you have mentioned about OOPS in your resume, then you are most likely to get hit by this question.

What is an Object.

Before diving into the definition let us consider an example.


Enakshi Pal

A newbie. I write as a beginner, for beginners! :)

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